Sharon Kong is a knowledgeable and target-oriented sales and marketing professional with a proven track record in B2B and B2C sales environment. She’s joined NetLab in December 2019 as Business Development Manager and spearheads the sales operations of and

Counting 11 years of experience in the field, Sharon has been working in key sectors in Mauritius and South Africa: publishing, real estate, outdoor advertising and premium serviced offices.  

Articulated, polished and professional, Sharon has, throughout the last years, built solid relationships with her business partners. “ Instilling trust is fundamental and it starts with being a trustworthy adviser for my clients. I am proud to have built and sustained long-term relationships with many of them rather than relying solely on one-offs. At the end, it boils down to people working together; giving out full potential to ensure the client is happy and satisfied is my priority,  declared Sharon. Considered by her peers as a successful and result-focused woman in Marketing, she believes that “passion drives everything!”  

Let’s dive deep into Sharon’s wins, challenges and motivation this week: 

Any wins this week, big or small?  

Our partner evolving in the banking sector will be a returning client just after a few months. This shows that our client knows that we understand his business and that NetLab’s data-driven platforms are adding substantial value to his brand! 

What are the challenges you’re currently facing?  

Marketing in Mauritius remains quite traditional. Slowly but surely, Marketers are becoming more and more conscious of the importance of Online Marketing for it has a huge influence on the way consumers make purchasing decisions. The challenge is to continuously remind Marketers that Online Marketing is vital and should not be overlooked.  

Moreover, Marketing budgets are being slashed worldwide. What is essential to remember is that Online Marketing allows you to do more with less. You can reach out to your target market, implement accurate metrics for measuring campaign success and meet your KPIs within budget.  

The NetLab Team has the expertise to formulate personalized sales and marketing plans, just give Sharon a call on 57651467.  

2 tips for your actual and prospective clients?  

#1: A picture is worth a thousand words – Invest on more creative visuals that speak to your audience’s emotions. Be sure to add a call to action, this will create more engagement and help turn clicks into actual sales.  

#2: Let data drive your decisions – We are working with top-notch French Developers who can help collect data (for all clients) through a specific landing page while respecting the GDPR.   

What’s your motto in life?  

Take charge of your health and well-being through spirituality and spread the love!