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Grow Your Digital Capabilities With Netlab!


Netlab blog - Our Mission Whether at an individual or organizational level, we believe that transformation begins with curiosity and a lust for knowledge. We are here to motivate digital practices by sharing groundbreaking ideas, professional insights and business case studies to help lead, inform and inspire seasoned Marketers and their organizations. We take a [...]

Grow Your Digital Capabilities With Netlab!2020-02-04T13:51:40+04:00

Jonathan Symmonds: “Interactive advertising is not just a dream or idea, it is already here!”


Netlab was humbled to have a chat with Jonathan Symmonds - Lead Animator on the world-renowned TV series Game of Thrones - as he sets up his company, SOPHORIA Visual Effects studio, in Mauritius. With over 18 years of experience in the film and Games Industry, Jonathan had the opportunity to work on some of [...]

Jonathan Symmonds: “Interactive advertising is not just a dream or idea, it is already here!”2019-10-24T19:40:35+04:00

Veda Dean: Game-on 2020!


Game on! The term “Gamification” - the use of game elements in non-game contexts - was coined by Nick Pelling in 2003 and you’re right, there’s nothing new about it. What’s new is that, while companies around the world are finding it challenging to implement this concept, an Agency based in Mauritius, Panda & Wolf [...]

Veda Dean: Game-on 2020!2019-10-25T12:28:21+04:00
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