Hard work builds character! In the MarCom field for more than 8 years now, she always knew she would be a Marketer one day. Her curious mind, creativity and pro-activity made her a good fit for the job. “Marketing is both a science and an art, and this matches my personality perfectly. On one side, I am focused on looking for patterns in the market and in customer behaviors and on the other hand, I have this artsy touch which brings in a different perspective.”

With agency, client-side and freelancer marketing experience, Anne-Candie positions herself as an all-rounder. In December 2019, she integrated NetLab as Marketing Manager where she oversees the community management and marketing campaigns of NetLab’s data-driven platforms: weshare.mu and molakaz.mu

 The least we can say is that she’s a sharp-witted professional with a drive for success. 

 What 24 hours looks like in her shoes? Anne-Candie shared a typical day with us:

6.30 a.m.: Anne-Candie is not a morning person but more of a night owl. She’s always ready to  to burn out the midnight oil to complete her projects so waking up in the morning can be a challenge. 

7.00 a.m.: She finally gets out of bed. First thing first; a cup of coffee to shake her up while monitoring the various platforms she manages. 

8.00 a.m.: Dressed up (to impress), she takes the road from Rose-Hill to Tamarin. Even if NetLab offers flexibility to work from home or remotely, she prefers working from the office as she enjoys the working environment and brainstorming sessions with her colleagues. 

9.00 a.m.: She takes a look at the key project updates and populate her to-do-list by classifying her priorities. Anne-Candie has great organisational and time-management skills, which allows her to be more efficient. 

11.00 a.m.: She gets ready for her daily team meeting with Management. “What I like most about working at NetLab, is that I truly get to be myself. During the interview for this position, the co-founders encouraged me to talk about my weaknesses, stating that they were still working on theirs. I knew at that instant that I wanted to be part of the team.” 

1.10 p.m.: Anne-Candie is working while eating at her desk. She knows that it would be better to eat in the kitchen or by the pool…she promised to work on it in 2020 (we will follow-up).

3.30 p.m.: Anne Candie makes sure that the content for the week’s editorial calendar is in progress. She follows-up with the designer on visuals and the freelance writers on B2C articles. Timing is everything! 

5.00 p.m.: She makes time to work on her next big launch campaign to maximize the ROI. Strategic Marketing is what she prefers. Analyzing data is also a big part of her responsibilities. As she puts it, “we can have the most brilliant idea but if it’s not sustained by a data-drive strategy, it won’t work in the long run”.

7.00p.m: Time is the scarcest resource, so she ensures to strike a balance between work and personal time. On her way back home, she stops by the beach from time to time to inhale fresh air and exhale tension and stress. This evening ritual enables her to keep a creative and focused mind.